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Empowering Sermons for Personal Growth


Our pastors and visiting speakers deliver sermons that are based on the truth of the Scripture and relevant to the issues people are facing today. We hold that the preaching of God’s Word may inspire and encourage people to live out there own faith in practical ways. We also hold that it has the potential to transform lives.

Connecting with God and Others through Worship

Encounter Christ In Worship & Grow Relationships

Encountering Christ in worship is a transformative experience that can lead to growth in our relationships with Him and with one another. Through music, prayer, and the study of God’s Word, our worship services are aimed at providing a meaningful and real experience with God. We are encouraged to live out our convictions in daily life as we gather to worship and are strengthened in our faith. Also, we believe that developing our relationships with one another is a crucial aspect of our spiritual development. We offer chances for people to interact with one another and experience the love and support of a faith community through small groups, gatherings, and service projects.

Showing You the Way

Preaching to the Unsaved, teaching to Serve

We understand the value of teaching believers to serve while also preaching to the unsaved. In addition to equipping believers to live out their faith by serving others, our mission is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ to those who have not yet heard it.

Our sermons are geared toward delivering the gospel word to people who may not have previously had the chance to do so. In order to encourage people to develop a close connection with Jesus Christ, we work hard to make our sermons relevant and practical to daily life.